Need to change?


Imagine a change and then you act on that idea.

 Change how you use your time, how you shop, what you collect, the order in which you do things in the day, where and how you store items, the help you get from others, the help you give others, when you do things in your life.  

Success with one change may lead to other changes 

An organised home is a happy home

I can show you how to live in your home and say "WOW! Look at my home now and I don't feel exhausted"

Need help to get out of a muddle?

I can motivate you. If you just want a place to start, a plan or a helping hand to get the job started.

  • You had a system or filing system. Now the files are full and there are stacks of paper
  • You are always late because they can’t find keys, the mouth guard etc
  • You are tired and need to catch up on putting items away
  • Your family dump their possessions where they last used them

You are a "serial returner" Purchase from the shops or online and then return. Click here

Are you surrounded in clutter?

  • I can help you think and work towards clearer spaces
  • Your kitchen worktops are piled with containers and food
  • You have out of date electrical items in the back of your cupboards
  • Your elderly parents have moved house and given you their prize possessions or your childhood memories
  • You constantly buy new items instead of looking for items you already own

Are you a hoarder?

  • You have too many possessions
  • You cannot invite others inside a part of your home
  • You have no room in your cupboards so you store items on the floor
  • You collect items from friends and family and don’t use them
  • A loved one "feeds" your hoarding habit - Ask for techniques to "stop the feeding" (Marianne Shenton)

Do you shop too much?

Why? How can you better spend your time?

  • You are surrounded by new items with their swing tags still attached
  • You are lonely and go shopping so you can chat with someone
  • You must keep up with the latest trends, so shop
  • Your credit card limit is too high.
  • Your partner just pays the bills and doesn't look at what you have spent.
  • I can help you take control of your home. See how you use your time and work with you.


Other organising services I provide -

Office Organising

  • Preparing homes for sale - Prepacking, decluttering and decorating. I can give you the plan & you & your family achieve the results yourself if you wish. WOW!
  • Preparing inventories for a marriage breakup, small business and storage units
  • Teaching you a filing system that suits you
  • Coordinating storage outside your home

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