Recycling = Space

Recycling matters and space matters!

Recycling away from your home = Space


What fills the spaces in your house matters! Can it be recycled or is it recycling materials cluttering your home?

Choose recycling that makes you happy, benefits you & others, is safe and is good for the environment.


Research for recycling ideas in your area. If you are a hoarder trying to kick the habit, you may go to another suburb to recycle your things. You can reuse items in other ways in your own home. You don't have to receive money for items you recycle into the community. Donate and make space.
Recycle to - Markets - Wanneroo, Broadway Fair Nedlands, Karrinyup, Melville to name a few.

Have you had or been to a SWAP PARTY?

Ask others where they recycle - stationary, ball dresses & dinner suits, clothes, odds.

Have you heard of ?

Dismantle - a not-for-profit bike rescue business

The Shop Front - a not-for-profit after work agency

Santa's Workshop


In the Spring of 2016 I or my clients have already taken items to


Para Quad - Shenton Park



  • Save the Children Fund
  • Verge collections
  • Client's Family members
  • Sold on Gum Tree




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